About My Book

A white cover with a tunnel in the background. Black letters spell 'The Life Giver' with gold snakes wrapped around them. The tagline reads 'no one is safe when dreams become nightmares'

No one is safe when dreams become nightmares…

It’s official: I’m a published author!!

It’s still hard to believe, but I made it! My first book, The Life-Giver, came out on March 29th 2022, published by The Parliament House Press. Check them out here, they’re pretty great.

My book’s blurb sounds exciting to me, so I hope it does to you too! Here it is:


The Dreamers are untouchable. They are protected by the Sun God who speaks to them through their dreams: The Life-Giver. They live away from society and are only seen by their Scribes.

But now someone—or something—has begun attacking them.

The Council tried to place the blame on the Life-Giver, but Dreamer Annelie and her Scribe Lyam know better. They learn that danger is buried deep in the heart of the Council itself, threatening their peaceful way of life for good.

Forced to team up with Enoch, a mysterious man who talks in riddles, the trio must race against time to save their underground city from corruption—before their world crumbles around them.


So as you can see, The Life-Giver is a young adult fantasy novel about a girl who can talk to the sun god in her dreams. It’s full of disability rep, deeply familial relationships, and a secret corruption to uncover in the heart of the city. It took me two years to get the draft to a place I could begin querying, due to my chronic illnesses among many other things – sometimes months go by where I am unable to read or write.

But I did it!

The Life-Giver is available here and on amazon here, and you can add it on goodreads here.

I’m excited to share my world with you all!